How to prepare the best cup of coffee at home!

How to prepare the best cup of coffee at home!

What makes the BEST cup of coffee?

Well in some ways, the preference is in the taste buds of the beholder. However, there is a major difference between fresh and old, instant vs whole bean, burnt vs properly roasted-- you get the idea. Once you select the type of coffee and roast that you prefer (our favorites are medium roasts like this one!) it's time to find the type of device you want to use. We have put together a list of options one typically uses for making a delicious cup of coffee at home!

While there are a plethora of ways to make a decent cup of coffee at home- from the type of bean to the type of machine, and even what you add in for flavor and milk- our go to method is the pour- over!

We find that it’s most similar to a good cup of coffee you’d get in a cafe without the price tag attached!
See our recommendation below on how to master the pour-over:
  • Measure out roughly 1g of coffee per 16ml of water (2grams per each fl oz of water). For a 500ml / 2 cup pot of coffee, you’ll use 32g of coffee and 500ml water.
  • Grind to maybe slightly finer than you'd do for a drip coffee maker
  • Heat water to just under a boil (199F)
  • Wet the paper filter (if using) with just enough hot water to saturate it. This reduces any potential for a “paper taste” in your coffee. Then pour the excess water out through the spout
  • Add coffee grounds to the filter and shake gently to settle.
  • Add just enough water to cover the coffee grounds (~66ml) so the coffee can “bloom.” Then wait 30-45 seconds. This is a step that allows gas to escape from the coffee to help improve the overall flavor
  • After the bloom, start pouring the remaining hot water over the coffee in small circles. Focus your pouring mostly in the inner circle, pouring near the edges occasionally to consistently wet the grounds.If you pour slowly enough, you can maintain a constant pour and let it filter at the same rate (which is ideal for optimal flavor). 
Total pour time about 3-4 minutes

There are a bunch of options when you purchase your pour- over mechanism, from ceramic pieces you can fit onto a cup, to glass carafes, and more! Read the reviews and pick something that matches your aesthetics, if that’s something you’re in to :) 

What kind of coffee is best with a pour over? We recommend our Guatemalan or any of our Hawaiian roasts


Other methods for making coffee at home include:


1) French press (any medium or dark roast would do- so basically everything but the Cold Brew is recommended!)

2) Drip (best with this type of coffee)

3) Percolator (best with any of the following: Surfers, Sunrise, Guatemala, Hawaiian Blends such as Kona Estate)

4 Aero press (best with any of the following: Surfers, Sunrise, Guatemala, Hawaiian Blends such as this)

5) Espresso machine (best with this type of coffee)

6) Cold brew (best with this type of coffee)




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