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Dedicated to Quality

We value quality roasted coffee over mass production and quantity at Kailua Town Coffee Roasters.  This keeps us focused on providing consistent and delicious coffee time and again.  Whether it's a Hawaiian specialty or an Arabica blend, each roast will maximize each coffee’s potential. Small-batch roasting with constant testing and monitoring is the best way to ensure quality control. At Kailua Town Coffee Roasters, we take pride in the products we create for our Oahu community and island visitors. We strive always to provide a delicious, high-quality product that our local community can enjoy.

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    Brad and Donna, the founders and brains behind the idea for Kailua Town Coffee Roasters, began with a small roaster and a desire to create the perfect cup of coffee. Through countless trials, roasts, and cuppings, they arrived at their goals in 2010 and, over the next decade, continued to perfect their craft while growing their brand.

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    In 2020, Patrick Williams became the new owner of Kailua Town Coffee Roasters. We moved to a fantastic new roasting location where our team can fully utilize the specialty roaster with our stable bean storage in a climate-controlled environment. In addition to a large selection of local and international blends, we have teamed up with Manoa Chocolate Company to release two styles of chocolate-covered coffee beans and continue to expand the list of cafes and restaurants to which we supply coffee. Brad and Donna remain closely connected to Kailua Town Coffee Roasters and provide quality control and consulting for all company endeavors. 

  • Future

    Looking to the future, we plan to continue expanding our product line and decreasing our environmental footprint through more sustainable packaging options. We will also continue focusing on custom coffee blends and custom coffee bags to expand the presence and sales of locally roasted coffees across Oahu. 

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