Our Roasts

Our Values

Dedicated to Quality

We value quality roasted coffee over mass production and quantity.  This keeps us focused on providing consistent and delicious coffee.  Whether it's a Hawaiian specialty or Arabica blend, each roast will maximize each coffee’s potential.

  • Beginnings

    Founded in 2010, demand for our coffee has continued to grow.  Brad and Donna began with a small roaster and a desire to create the perfect cup of coffee.  Through countless trials, roasts, and cuppings, they arrived at their goals in 2010 and haven't slowed down since.

  • Current

    In 2020, the business expanded with the addition of now owner Patrick Williams.  In addition to a fantastic new roasting location, the team is now able to really put the specialty roaster to work with stable bean storage in a climate controlled environment. 

  • Future

    Brad and Donna remain closely connected to Kailua Town Coffee Roasters and provide quality control and consulting for all company endeavors.    

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