Brand our Beans!

We appreciate and value the power of branding and marketing, which is why we give our retailers the opportunity to select their favorite blends, use our names or create their own, and use a custom branded bag for both coffee and chocolate covered coffee beans!

The foundation of this business is built on community and bringing locally roasted, great tasting, quality coffee to our community at an affordable price. We want to be the roaster you can count on!

Select your Blend

Not sure what type of blends you prefer, contact us to schedule a tasting.

Create Your Own

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Hawaiian Coffees

Representing the islands

Maui Estate

A medium roast featuring mild hints of spice and butter. Known as the “Cabernet of coffees,” this Red Catuai variety is a cross-variety and a sister coffee to Maui Yellow Caturra, providing a twist on traditional Hawaiian coffee with this wide flavor profile.


Kauai Estate

A medium roast providing sweet tones of dried fig and dates. This roast is grown on a single farm on Kauai. $23-$28/lb

Kona Estate

A rich, slightly acidic, medium-bodied bean with a complex flavor profile. With floral and nutty notes and a silky finish, this coffee is hard to beat. $30-$35/lb

Kona Prime

A larger and more consistent in size version of Kona estate. This roast offers a full bodied flavor with a delicate, smooth finish. $35-40/lb

Specialty Blends

An Array of Global Blends

Espresso Blend

A medium roast described as sweet, bright, fruity, yet strong. A blend from Indonesia, Central America, and South America.


Drip Blend

A medium roast described as smooth and balanced. A blend from Indonesia, Central America, and South America.


Cold Brew

A smooth, low acidic roast with natural chocolate flavors and a subtle toasted caramel sweetness.


Island Blend

A blend of 50% Hawaiian and 50% Colombian beans gives it a smooth, earthy flavor coupled with a brightness of high mountain berries.


A smooth flavored Central American sourced coffee.


French Roast

A dark roast that is smokey and bold with hints of toasted sugar pecan. Single source beans from Colombia.



A medium-dark roast of these beans maximizes the natural sweetness and brings out toasted semi-sweet lilikoi and dark chocolate notes.



Is there a minimum order

If you want to pick up, there is no minimum order.

There is a minimum order of 10 lbs if you want FREE delivery.

Deliveries are on Wednesdays mornings.

Do prices vary? 

Prices may vary based on coffee spot price- shipping and farm availability.

Is anything included with an order? 

We provide basic barista training to insure quality control.

We want to help ensure the coffee flavor is optimized with the correct ratios, temperature, and pouring techniques.