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100% Kona Prime

100% Kona Prime

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The weather in the Kona region of Hawaii's Big Island is ideal for growing coffee. The combination of bright, sunny mornings, humid afternoons and mild nights create a bean that is rich, slightly acidic and medium-bodied, with a delicate flavor and a heady aroma. Kona coffee is known for having a complex flavor profile: a sweet aroma, with floral and nutty notes, and a silky smooth finish. The flavor is complex, with wine and spice undertones contributing to a unique flavor profile that no other coffee can match.

This Prime grade coffee is larger and more consistent in size than the estate version.  Harvested from the lower and inner parts of the coffee tree, this offers a more full bodied flavor with increased sweetness while maintaining a delicious smooth finish. 


All orders include shipping using a primary method of the U.S. Postal Service flat rate options for the best cost from Hawaii.  International orders will include additional shipping charges.


For wholesale purchasers, we can ship bags that contain 5lbs of roasted coffee.  Other bag sizes include:






5 lb

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