What is the REAL difference between the coffee roasts options?

What is the REAL difference between the coffee roasts options?

The Breakdown:

Have you ever felt curious about what the different types of coffee roast levels mean? Did you know there’s over 6 different styles of roast? With so many options it can be slightly overwhelming to try to figure out which is the best for you. How do you even know what you will like?
So today we’re going to break down the big 3: light, medium, and dark roast. 
Even if you aren’t a “coffee connoisseur,” knowing how different levels of roast hit the taste palate can help you decide what types of coffee suits you best.

Light Roast:

The new guy on the block: 

Light roast is a newer roast that has become more popular and commercially available over the last few years. Delicate and bright, this roast is perfect for newbie coffee drinkers who may want something that tastes more fruity and floral. 

With a sweet, mild flavor, this light-bodied option is roasted at a lower temperature to preserve more of the coffee bean flavor.  It can be described as having a more grain-like flavor profile, with mellow hints of sweetness. 

This roast can have a slightly more “sour” flavor than the other roast levels, but it is typically described as mild and enjoyable. 

Sometimes called a cinnamon roast, this option is best to drink hot so you can taste more of the subtle flavors. If you prefer iced coffee, just brew your light roast for a bit longer to retain that flavor! This roast is great to pair with breakfast options due to how light and gentle the flavor profile is!

What are the best ways to drink it?
  • Frappuccino 
  • Sweet latte 
  • Pour over, drip coffee
  • Cold brew (brewed for a longer period of time)

  • Medium Roast:

    The fan favorite:

    Medium roast is the most popular roast. Known as a well rounded favorite, medium roast is a flavorful mix of light and dark roast. It gives you a nice toasty flavor without feeling too overpowering. 

    It is less intense than a dark roast and ideal for those who want a more balanced cup of joe. This roast is sometimes called the American roast because of how popular it is in the United States.

    With a high acidity and full body, this roast is well rounded and is perfect for a daily coffee drinker. This roast is typically sweeter than a dark roast, because the beans retain more moisture during the roasting process.

    Described as having a more chocolate-forward taste, this roast is the most universally palate friendly option for coffee drinkers. It pairs well with most food options, and is good at any time of the day- hot or iced.

    What are the best ways to drink it?
  • Drip Coffee
  • Cold Brew
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • French Press 

    Try one of our medium-roasts here

    Dark Roast:


    Dark roast is a rich, bold roast for the brave coffee aficionado.

    Known as the most full bodied option, this roast is for those who love a strong, bold taste. Dark roast has an oilier, shiny surface and a lower acidity than the other roasting options. 

    It is roasted at a higher temperature, which gives it that deep, earthy flavor that many coffee lovers enjoy. The color is darker due to being roasted for a longer period of time, and is a go-to for those who like more intense flavors. 

    This coffee is best used for fast brewing methods because the beans are so toasted. To get the most flavor out of a dark roast, using an Aeropress is ideal for brewing. The rich, dark flavor profile pairs best with rich, dense desserts that contrast this roast’s flavor profile perfectly.


    What are the best ways to drink it?

  • Americano
  • Espresso 
  • Cold Brew

    Try one of our favorite dark roasts here

    We know it can be overwhelming to try to choose a coffee in a busy cafe, but we hope this mini guide helps you narrow down what type of coffee is ideal for you.

    Below is a neat little diagram that can help you visualize the different types of roasts. 

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